Flow and Grow Yoga - Pensacola

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Flow and Grow Yoga - Pensacola


Fridays, 1:00 - 2:10

This open level fun flow includes a focus on self-compassion, and pesonal development. We will start class with mindful breathing and intention-setting, then take our time moving into each pose, using props and adjustments to focus on healthy alignment and an appreciation of our unique abilities. Once we establish familiarity with our range of motion, we will find a smooth flow of movement that offers a compassionate and refreshing challenge to the body. Our practice is closed with a guided relaxation, aroma therapy, and (optional) gentle shoulder press. Come with an open mind and heart as we dedicate our yoga practice to embracing compassion with ourselves and others, especially in times of growth and change.


Uru Yoga, 955 E. Nine Mile Road

Pensacola, FL, 32514

Self Investment:

$12 per class; Discount passes available.

Pre-purchase below, or plan to arrive 15 minutes early to register.

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