Public speaking and more!


Public speaking and more!


Looking for a speaker for your next event? Want to bring groups and workshops to your wellness location? Invite Melissa to develop and facilitate groups, workshops, or presentations at your business, wellness event, or venue.

Topics include self-care, coping, self-esteem, confidence, relaxation, relationships, mental health, mood management, healthy thinking, assertiveness, wellness, and more.

Topics, activities, and duration can combined, adjusted, and tailored to your specific needs upon request.  

Workshop Ideas:

Get connected!

  • Team Building and Communication

  • Ice breaker games, team building exercises, skill training on conflict resolution and the 4 styles of communication. Learn assertiveness skills, healthy boundaries, and how cultivate a respectful & cohesive team dynamic.   

Get healthy!

  • Self Care and Stress Management

  • Self care assessment, personal reflection, and goal setting.  Learn the consequences of unmanaged stress and burn-out.  Learn the benefits of self care, healthy habits, and mood management.  Practice mindful awareness to improve productive thinking, self-awareness, and problem solving.

Get confident!

  • Self Esteem and Confidence

  • Explore unhelpful core beliefs and how they negatively impact mood and behavior.  Learn to recognize what stifles confidence and how to improve self coaching and body language.  

Get focused!

  • Goal Setting and Organization

  • Learn skills to organize, prioritize, focus, and problem solve.  Learn how to calm a scattered mind, replace unhealthy habits, and improve time management and efficiency.  

Get relaxed!

  • Relaxation and Self Soothing

  • Learn skills to improve relaxation, calm anxiety, and quiet the mind.  Learn skills designed to improve mindfulness, presence, and focus.  Practice supported stretching, mindful breathing, and grounding tools to stabilize emotional reactivity.  Enjoy a guided relaxation exercise with supplementary sensory stimulation including soothing sights, sounds, smells, and optional touch or self massage.  

Get flowing!  

  • Yoga for Self-Care

  • Bring your yoga mat!  This is a yoga workshop dedicated to self-awareness, compassion, and personal development.  We will begin with intention setting and end with group reflection.  Throughout the class, we will take our time in each pose, using props and adjustments to achieve healthy alignment and posture.  As we flow, we will practice mindful reflection, letting go of unhealthy self-talk, and loving ourselves from the inside out.   

Get creative!

  • Arts, Crafts, and Meaningful Projects

  • A fun, relaxed, and therapeutic workshop designed to promote self awareness, emotional health, and personal expression through the use of art, crafts, and creativity. Reflect and nurture your creative side as you are guided through simple yet personally meaningful art projects, followed by optional sharing and group discussion. Helpful in maintaining emotional health, reducing stress, and improving self esteem. Take your art (and insight) home with you! (No art experience necessary)

Pick a theme!

  • Self esteem

  • Goals

  • Self care

  • Connection

  • Relaxation

  • Confidence

  • Self awareness

  • Personal Development

  • Emotional Expression

  • (Request your own!)

Pick a project!

  • Painting

  • Sculpting

  • Gardening

  • Building

  • Drawing

  • Coloring

  • Yoga

  • (Request your own!) 

Contact Melissa directly with any questions or interests regarding public speaking, yoga parties, corporate wellness, or private events. 


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